Thursday, June 14

What kid doesn't love a sprinkler?

So, the other day it was hot, hot, hot!  I didn't think it would be that hot because the day before it was really nice.  I never learn my lesson.  Anyway, we were outside playing because that's what kids like to do.  If I had it my way, I'd stay inside all day during the summer yucky days, but kids don't care about sweat and heat and sunburn.  Well, Evelyn saw the sprinkler and wanted to get wet.  I didn't want her to because one, we were enjoying swinging in the SHADE and two, I didn't bring any swim clothes for her (although I did bring some the day before when it happened to be cool out...once again...I never learn). (We were at our friends house that I babysit for a few days a week.)  But, Evelyn LOVES of course I obliged.  (Evelyn is in case you haven't figured this out yet.)

So enjoy the videos I took on my it isn't an iphone so the quality isn't great.

Also, I feel like I need to explain a very odd behavior Evelyn has.  Each day she ends up with one or two or three toys that she has to hold in her hand like all day and take with her everywhere or else she has a fit.  See if you can guess what three toys she had in her hands all day...yes I mean all she had to have it while she was eating and even swinging.  I wanted her to hold on with both hands, but every time I tried to take the toys away, she got mad.  Oh, the cup she added later in the day while she was swinging...

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Cate said...

She is seriously so cute!! I love that she keeps little toys in her hands! Jett has been carrying a little kitty that our neighbor accidently left at our house for a few days now!!

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