Wednesday, May 30

The Spray Park

So today Evelyn and I had a chance to give our friend a ride up to OKC for a PET scan to make sure all his cancer was gone.  I had promised myself that this week would be a week of swimming and splash parks for Evelyn. She loves the water!  On Monday we drove home from Arkansas and stopped by a lake right off the freeway.  It was the coolest spot ever.  It was like a secret spot that we found because we're so adventurous and cool...riiiiight....  Anyway, so Evelyn got to splash in the lake for a few minutes and take a break from driving.  It was great.  Then on Tuesday we went swimming in the pool at our complex and Ev had lots of fun.    So, I thought, hey maybe I could find a splash park in OKC and I could take Evelyn while we waited for our friend and make Wednesday a water day too. Sure enough there was a pretty cool park a few miles from the cancer center.  I was really worried because yesterday we had a HUGE STORM come through the metro and OKC got 6 inches of rain and many people were w/o power!  WHOLLY SMOKES!  (We got a lot of rain and wind, but no hail and luckily didn't loose power.  Some friends of ours did though.  Tonight is looking pretty I better knock on wood.)  So, I thought maybe the park would be flooded and would it even be warm enough to go.  Well, it wasn't that hot, but it wasn't that cold either, and it actually wasn't that flooded.  Sadly we were the only ones there, but we still had a great time.  Here are some videos of Evelyn enjoying the moment.  She literally was laughing the whole time!  I love my little angel.

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